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Kiwanis Protocol/Education

Prepared by New York District Past Gov. Robert Calabrese

Protocol provides for good manners and etiquette observed during meetings and special courtesy, dignity and respect shown for visitors, especially Kiwanis district and/or international officers.

  1. All meetings should start and end on time.
  2. The club president or presiding officer should have a timed agenda for each meeting.
  3. A president can't show up five minutes before the meeting and expect to have a well organized meeting. Plan in advance any seating or special arrangements.
  4. Meetings should be kept on a professional level. Presidents should come well dressed in appropriate business attire. Try to get and keep everyone's attention - don't get upset with anyone. Lead by example.
  5. The president should recognize achievements of individuals and committees and express the thanks of the club. Kiwanis titles should be used by all members, such as lieutenant governor, president, past president, past lieutenant governor, etc. If there is room, the president-elect or 1st vice president should be seated at the head table with the president.
  6. Kiwanis education: you should spend one minute on Kiwanis education at every club meeting. To get Kiwanis education material go to the Kiwanis International web site and seach for Kiwanis education spots for club newsletters and meetings.
  7. The club officers should review the New York District policies and by­laws annually.
  8. Goals: at the first club meeting in October, the club president should outline his/her goals for their administrative year and these goals should be reviewed at least quarterly at a club meeting.
  9. The president should stay on top of all club matters, committee chairpersons, and special events. Ask for reports at club meetings, especially on activities involving the members.
  10. As president, you should attend all division functions, such as division council meetings, governor's visit, and Kiwanis International President's visit. you should also attend other Kiwanis club functions, when possible. Send club function dates to the editor of your division newsletter and to club presidents and secretaries in your division.
  11. Seating for club officers and special guests, lieutenant governor or past officers (division, district or international), city, county and state officials should follow the charts below.
  12. Seating arrangements for special occasions will depend upon room size and shape. The head table should always be where most of audience can see the speaker.
  13. Club president should set aside at least three meetings for the lieutenant governor as speaker to the club:
    1. Installation of officers
    2. Date chosen by the lieutenant governor for official visit
    3. Date for lieutenant governor to attend one club board of directors meeting. The lieutenant. governor should be invited to all club functions during the year in advance of the event and should also be placed on club's mailing list.
  14. Alert the lieutenant governor to special programs and functions as early as possible. See that they have a copy of the agenda ahead of time, when possible. Provide all details of time, location, dress, etc.
  15. The official visit(s) of the lieutenant governor to a club is important and should be used as an educational meeting. Other speakers or programs should not use time allocated for the presentation. There should be no other speakers for that meeting.
  16. There should be a house committee which arranges for all meals and special dinners, such as for spouses/partners and/or guests.
  17. Introductions: out of respect for positions held, past and present, Kiwanis International, district and division officers, dignitaries and guests, the following order should apply, with the highest current ranking officer first:
    1. Any current Kiwanis International officers
    2. District governor
    3. Lieutenant governor
    4. Past Kiwanis International officers
    5. Past district governors (oldest in year served first, if possible)
    6. Past lieutenant governors (oldest in year served first, if possible)
    7. City or town officials, speaker, special guests, etc.
  18. Traditional Kiwanis practice dictates that all club members, in respect for the office, should rise and applaud when their lieutenant governor, the governor, member of Kiwanis international board or distinguished Kiwanian or speaker is introduced.
  19. The club president should always show a cordial relationship with the lieutenant governor. All members should make the lieutenant governor and all visitors or prospective members feel welcome and comfortable.
    1. Be alert for the entrance of guests and visiting Kiwanians and give them a special welcome.
    2. Introduce guests to appropriate individuals, including the president.
    3. Extend a friendly welcome to all club attendees, whether they are first time guests or longtime members.
    4. Recognize and introduce prospective members at the beginning and end of meeting. (make them feel comfortable).
  20. All speakers should be informed of club procedure and a time limit for the presentation. You should make it a practice to rise and applaud when the speaker is introduced and at the conclusion of the presentation.
  21. The club should pay for the meals of all invited speakers and special guests. If the club invites the district governor or lieutenant governor, the club assumes all expenses with the exception of transportation. Always ask the governor or lieutenant governor if they would like to say a few words.
  22. The program chairperson should announce upcoming speakers at least a week or more in advance.
  23. The club president or some designated person should thank the speaker and offer a recognition item, if it is the custom of the club.
  24. The governor's official visit to the division is the responsibility of the home club of the lieutenant governor. This is the time to hear and honor the governor.
  25. The president should report club board action to the club at the following club meeting.
  26. The outgoing club president should summarize their year's accomplishments and express appreciation to club members for their support during the year and then introduce the new club president.(usually at the last meeting of the year)

If you have a protocol question, ask your lieutenant. governor, past lieutenant. governor, past governor, call the district office or Kiwanis international.

If you have a last minute protocol question, use common sense. In most cases, it works.

Take this handout back to your club and have a meeting on protocol/education.

Kiwanis Protocol – Seating

The following outline will assist you in seating arrangements when Kiwanis International and district officers are visitors to your club. The president of the club takes precedence over all International and district officers present unless a toastmaster is used. If a toastmaster is used, the individual should occupy the center position with the president at his or her right and the speaker (if any) at the toastmaster's left. The positions of honor then alternate from right to left, down to the end of the head table. These positions are assigned according to the following order of precedence:

Past District Secretary
Past District Governor
Past International Vice-President
Lieutenant Governor
District Treasurer
District Governor-Elect
District Governor
International Trustee
Immediate Past International President
International President
Club President
International President-Elect
International Vice-President
Executive Director
Immediate Past Governor
District Secretary
Past International President
Past International Trustee
Past District Treasurer
Past Lieutenant Governor
Song Leader

If any officer is the toastmaster or speaker, he or she should occupy the toastmaster's position, rather than a position of honor according to office. When spouses are invited and space available permits, they are to be seated alternately between the individuals present, preferably to the right of their spouse, if possible, at the head table. If space does not permit, a corresponding table should be placed in front of the head table for the spouses, who should be seated directly in front of their spouses and facing the audience. At a district function for which a club acts as the host club, the governor should occupy the same position that the International President does in the diagram as shown, with others following on the left and right sides of the podium as indicated by position in the district, the division, and the club. When a division function is conducted, the lieutenant governor replaces the governor, and others sit in the places, which their rank determines.

District Sponsored Events

600.1 District Sponsored Events

When conducting a Kiwanis Banquet, Dinner or Luncheon, the following will be dais guests when present: Any International Representative or Officer Past International Officer(s) from the New York District New York District Officers listed below:

District Governor
District Governor­elect
District Secretary
District Treasurer
New York District Foundation President
Immediate Past District Governor
Master of Ceremonies or Chairperson Speakers
The Invocator

600.2 Special Invitation Guests

The following may sit as dais guests at the District Governor's personal invitation: Lt. Governor from a host division or President of a host club Visiting Officers of other Districts Staff members of the International Office District Governor of Circle K District Governor of Key Clubs Other guests for special reasons

600.3 Seating Arrangements

All Dais seating shall be based on the following order of priority starting at the left of the lectern, facing the audience, and alternating from left to right:

Presiding Officer or Master of Ceremonies (first seat left of the lectern)
Speaker (first seat right of the lectern)
Present District Officer(s)
Present International Officer(s)
Past International Officer(s)
Past District Officer(s)
Other Dais guests

600.4 Special Guidelines

  1. When spouses are included, they should be seated next to their husbands/wives/partners. If the length of the head table is a problem, the spouses/partners may be seated at a second dais in front of their husbands/wives/partners. At informal luncheons the spouses/partners may be seated at a special table directly in front of the dais. Whenever possible ladies should not be seated at the end of the dais.
  2. Unless determined otherwise by the District Governor, Lt. Governors and their guests shall be seated directly in front of the dais in alphabetical order by divisions.
  3. Past District Governors and their guests shall be seated in a group in an honored position.
  4. The District Governor shall be the presiding officer at all District banquets and other District sponsored functions, except that the Immediate Past Governor shall preside at any installation ceremony of District Officers or any District function honoring the Governor.
  5. Any change or exception to District Protocol should be approved by the District Governor.