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Chester Presents Everyday Hero Awards
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Battiato and Catlett families.
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The Guidi family.
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Kassandra Catlett and Anthony Battiato receiving award from President Frank Sambets and Sandy Nagler
club news
Ashton Guidi receives his award from Sue Bahren.

In 2006, Kiwanis Gov. Joe Corace asked Kiwanis clubs in the New York District recognize individuals that have performed outstanding service.

This was also an opportunity to recognize individuals that go above and beyond the ordinary or expected, and do so without regard for attention or expecting something in return. In some instances one particular heroic action can make a difference and even save a life. Kiwanis Clubs across the district presented these individuals the Everyday Hero Award.

The Everyday Hero Award also recognizes individuals who have personal struggles, physical or life events that you would never recognize when you are with them and speak with them. The way they carry themselves, their actions inspire everyone that comes in contact with them.

The Chester Kiwanis Club embraced the project and has continued to honor persons each year. The club has presented more than 25 individuals with an Everyday Hero Award.

On July 20, the Everyday Hero Award was presented to three such outstanding individuals from the Chester Community:

Ashton Guidi, a 5th grader from the Chester Elementary School, who knows what it means to "stand up for the little guy". Having a cousin with autism, Ashton knew right away that he was here to look out for his cousin. He took spirited words from the coach of the West Point Lacrosse Team, Joe Alberici, and turned them in to action, encouraging both the West Point Lacrosse Team and his own Goshen Lacrosse Team to wear "Autism Speaks' stickers on their helmets for the remainder of the season. He also continues to spread the word about Autism everywhere he goes.

Also honored were Anthony Battiato and Kassandra Catlett, two individuals who were in the right place at the right time and helped save the lives of a family of four. After seeing the back of a house on fire, Kassandra assisted the mother with gathering the two children from the upstairs while Anthony called 911. They ran to the back of the house and seeing that the fire was out of control banged on the downstairs window, knocking it out to wake the father who was sleeping in the family room.

(Posted August 29, 2017)


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