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By James Mancuso


The Kiwanis Children's Fund was established in 1940 with 25 "silver dollars," by Walter Zeller (remembered by the Walter Zeller Fellowship recognition award supporting the Eliminate Project). Its stated mission is to "develop resources that transform the goodwill and vision of Kiwanis into programs that serve the children of the world."
In order to fulfill this mission, the Kiwanis Children's Fund provides grants in different forms to clubs, districts and for purposes of disaster relief. Club and district grants manifest themselves into programs which offer many benefits to those in need such as school supplies for children, hunger relief and children related medical applications.
The Kiwanis Children's Fund, as it strives to grow so that it can do even more good across the world, has programs to promote giving. One of those programs is called the President's Challenge. The challenge "encourages Kiwanis leaders to promote and support the Kiwanis Children's Fund within each club, division, and district."
The fundamental goal for districts, divisions, and Kiwanis Children's Fund District Chairs is to increase the district's or division's (as the case might be) unrestricted cumulative giving by 10 percent (based on an average of the previous three administrative years).
I am happy to report to you that our district's generosity exceeded all expectations for 2016-17. Our district's President's Challenge goal was $29,847. We shattered that amount raising $33,106.74 or a whopping 22 percent increase over our three-year giving average!
Districts can qualify and apply for grants equal to 15 percent of the amount given by their district. Last year we received an award which funded three college students from both Key Club and Circle K. This year we qualified to receive a grant of almost $5,000, which again will be put to good use to support district programs. Likewise, clubs can apply for grants. You can learn more about requirements by visiting the kiwanis.org website where you will find a guide to obtaining club grants.
My thanks to all of our members for helping the Kiwanis Children's Fund fulfill its mission. The last year was a great one, and with your continued support, the upcoming year will be another banner one for the Kiwanis Children's Fund.

Column Posted on Web Site January 23, 2018

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