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Round Robin
By Noreen Barrett


Would you like to earn a Round Robin Patch?
All you need to do is visit every club in your division once during the 2017-18 year. If you have 30 members or more, you need 4 members attending the meeting. If you have 20-29 members, you need 3 members attending the meeting.
If you have fewer than 20 members, you need 2 members attending the meeting.
Your club secretary verifies the visits on the monthly reports. You also need to fill out the proper form which your Lieutenant Governor needs to sign and date. Then you send the form to the District.
This is a great opportunity to meet fellow Kiwanians in your division and hear about all the interesting events that are happening. You can share exciting things that your club is doing as well.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at lgnbarrett3@nycap.rr.com.

Column Posted on Web Site October 31, 2017

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