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By John Goldstein


Greetings from the almost 13,000 Key Clubbers in the great New York District.
I am again writing this as I am preparing to take 34 students and 6 adults to the Key Club International Convention in San Antonio, TX. This trip would not possible without the support of the Kiwanis Clubs that sponsor our Key Clubs. The clubs and Divisions have been very generous to help fund the student cost to attend this convention.
This year at our annual Leadership Training Conference we had the largest convention since we have been in the Albany area with over 850 in attendance. I want to thank the Kiwanis clubs and divisions for their financial support of the conference.
We do however have a challenge. The New York District has just about the same number of Key Clubs as we do Kiwanis Clubs. But, we have several Kiwanis clubs that sponsor more than one Key Club (one sponsors 6) and we have several Key Clubs that do not have sponsors. This does bring us around to Kiwanis membership and the Formula. Key Club is our best hope for the future of our organization, but if there are no Kiwanis clubs to sponsor Key Clubs then they will have no connection to Kiwanis. If your Kiwanis Club doesn't sponsor a Key Club - please think about it ! I know that we here in the Great New York District will rise to the challenge.

Column Posted on Web Site August 1, 2017

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