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By David Morse


I just got home from the 69th New York District Key Club Leadership Training Conference where I heard a quote from John Shertzer, the Chief Programs Officer for Kiwanis International and one of the keynote speakers at the conference. With his permission I am using the quote with a little tweaking for Kiwanis.
"The biggest problem with Kiwanians today is that they don't understand the power of Kiwanis."
How True!
For if all Kiwanians did understand the power of Kiwanis, each one would be running out asking everyone they meet to join us in order to experience that feeling of satisfaction we all get when we are doing service. To share with them, the power of making a difference in the life of another.
So please harness the power within yourself, share it with someone new and welcome them into our Kiwanis family.
The latest example of this occurred in the Long Island Southwest division within the town of Lynbrook. On March 22 an organizational meeting was held and charter papers were submitted. Welcome to the Kiwanis family Lynbrook. Powerful things are happening in Lynbrook.
Special thanks go out to several people: Kiwanis President-Elect Jim Rochford for asking if he could bring his Eye of the Tiger team into New York to help build a new club; Gov. Stephen for accepting the offer, LISW Lt. Gov. Thomas Cesiro and Long Island North Lt. Gov. Kathy Levinson for immediately getting on board and creating a team within each of their divisions to help; to the charter members of the Lynbrook club. Lastly thank you to Lynbrook charter President Denise Rodgers for stepping up to the most important leadership role we have in our organization, Club President.
The district is making good progress on membership. There are several locations that are about to open new clubs with several others in the works. With your help, the district has been able to bring in 444 new Kiwanians since October 1, 2016, and we are currently at plus 219 members this year.
We are asking each one of you to reach out to members who you may not have seen in a while. Let them know they are missed. We also need to contact those that do leave and ascertain what could have changed their decision.
The Formula Team is working hard to help all that ask for assistance with membership. Please feel free to contact the Formula Team members or your lieutenant governor and we will get you the information and help you need.

Column Posted on Web Site April 21, 2017

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