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Partnership Coordinator
By Chuck Eckert


Welcome fellow New York District Kiwanians, I wish to introduce myself to you as your Partnership Coordinator.
In the days and months ahead you will be hearing from me in my role, which is a newly created in each Kiwanis District by Kiwanis International. Thank You Governor Steve for this three-year appointment.
In October 2016, I attended a training session at Kiwanis International headquarters in Indianapolis. The Partnership Team there worked and trained us in our new roles. After two days of indoctrination and fellowship, we are now prepared to share this important information where Kiwanis Clubs throughout our district can obtain support and services from these many Kiwanis-sanctioned partners.
You can go to this link and gain more information on the Kiwanis Partners http://www.kiwanis.org/kiwanis/about-kiwanis/partners
The national partners include JCI, March of Dimes, Sister Cities, Boy Scouts of America, US Army, Landscape Structures, Scholastic Books, Boys and Girls Clubs, Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, Up with People and many more.
Kiwanis International has broken down the partnerships into seven categories: Vision Partners, Promotional Partners, Preferred Charities, Community Partners, Cause Marketing Partners, Marketplace and Service Leadership Program co-sponsors.
This is a large undertaking to absorb and assimilate information about each category and partner in such a manner that can explain how they will benefit your local club, division our District and Kiwanis International, so I can talk with any club or lieutenant governor about the benefits at any time.
I will be in Lake Placid to do a forum and will be glad to answer any questions. If you have any questions about any of our partners as to how they may benefit your club or how your club may help, please feel free to contact me, chuckeckert@yahoo.com or (716) 759-1111.
I look forward to sharing information with our Kiwanis family.

Column Posted on Web Site April 21, 2017

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