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Governor Elect
By Candace Corsaro


With much to be done and positions to fill, I need your help. Service is an important (integral) part of what we do in Kiwanis, service to the community and to our district. There are many ways for you to serve this organization.
International President-Elect Jim Rochford has stated the best way to show people about Kiwanis is to lead by example. Becoming a chairman for something you are committed to is a great way to start. There are exciting opportunities for anyone who would like to stop forward and volunteer. The work of Kiwanis and the district cannot be done by one person alone. As the saying goes, "We need you". With enough volunteers, we can make a difference in the lives of our children and communities, our priority. Please contact me with your desire to serve. E-mail knydg201718@aol.com or call (718) 804-4698.
If you are unable to volunteer for a position at the district level, there are other ways you can help serve our great New York District. Ask someone to join. Kiwanis and the New York District will continue to grow with your help by recruiting qualified new members and opening new clubs. These roles are local and no one knows your communities better than you. Remember to ask someone to join your club today and refer them to our newly formed Internet club called the New York Tigers Kiwanis Club. Contact nydkiwanis@aol.com for more information.
We also are looking for your ideas, ones that have worked for your clubs and divisions in enabling them to grow. Sharing and communicating ideas will benefit all of us with Kiwanis in our hearts. Remember that "Together We Can".

Column Posted on Web Site April 21, 2017

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