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By Sal Anelli


It's spring of 2017 so it's time to think about kids and Kamp Kiwanis, the two really go well together.
When we closed the Kamp last September, everything seem to be in great condition. We had recently installed a new roof on both the Drama Hall and the administration building, we purchased new water filters, and we started to tackle a much needed renovation to the interior of the administration building. Of course leading the renovation projects, as always, is our very own Herb Chan who decided that we needed new bathrooms as well as redoing the office area, so once again he brought up material, labor and by the opening of Kamp season, we will have new bathrooms and new kitchen and a renovated office area, what else can we say but "Thank You Herb".
I stated that when we closed the Kamp, everything seemed to be in good shape, but of course we won't know what the winter brought us until we start the process of getting the Kamp ready for opening day. That's when we see what surprises come up and we'll have to do whatever it takes to get them repaired and sometimes get items replaced. For those of you who may want to come up and help, the work weekend this year is May 18-19. Come on up and we'll put you to work.
This year we're looking to eclipse the number of Kampers from last year. Thanks to Gov. Stephen Sirgiovanni we have a very good possibility of doing it. Gov. Steve has been very helpful to our Kamp as well as the other fine foundation we have in the district and by his decision to continue the "Take Care Of Our Own" policy started by Immediate Past Gov. Forbes Irvine. It promises to be another great year.
I want to thank Gov.-Elect Candace Corsaro for her commitment as well to our Kamp, I am looking forward to working with her and her board to continue helping the children of our district.
A very special thanks to all those who have reached out to me telling that they will continue to support our efforts to help needy children attend Kamp this summer and help the Kamp maintain a standard of excellence for those children. Have a great summer and we'll see you in August.

Column Posted on Web Site April 21, 2017

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