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By DPG Joseph Eppolito


We are through 1st quarter of the 2016-17 administrative year under Gov. Stephen Sirgiovanni & Gio's Big Dogs. We all have learned in life that it is better is give than to receive. With that in mind, let's all work on the Gift of Membership for 2017.
What do I mean? Governor Steve has asked EVERY Kiwanian to recruit at least one member to our great New York District. If we REALLY believe that we are the BEST service organization in the world, then inviting some one to join Kiwanis is the best "gift" we could give to a friend, relative, partner, spouse, sibling, adult child, business associate, neighbor or a referral of a prospect given to us.
The gift of membership opens the door to community service, fellowship, bonding, enduring friendships and the ability to fulfill the Kiwanis motto: "Kids Need Kiwanis".
There are many ways to give the gift. Invite some one to a club service project or fundraiser, a club meeting, a Division Council Meeting, a Service Leadership event, a cup of coffee, a walk in the park ... it is limitless!
Why is membership a gift? It is a gift to satisfy the human inner need of helping people and children who are less fortunate than oneself, the satisfaction of knowing that with many hands, much more can be accomplished to change lives than through just individual efforts, and that there is safety and satisfaction in numbers to make progress to improve lives that we can touch locally, regionally and internationally.
The financial investment of a new member fee of $65 is a drop in the bucket to what this individual can do to add to the collective effort to make the world a better place to live. Make an investment and give the gift of membership by asking some one to join Kiwanis. Their financial commitment gives them some skin in the game as well. Also, so many Service Leadership young adults are available to join for free now and only have a financial obligation of $25 for the next TWO administrative years. A club could bear that investment for those two years!
The FORMULA for success is to ASK, don't take rejection personally and make it a fun experience for those prospects that you are targeting to give them this valuable gift of membership.
We are in this together. Let's all do OUR part! We need to all be PROUD to be Kiwanians! I've been proud for almost 39 years!

Column Posted on Web Site February 4, 2017

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