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By David Morse


When Kiwanians are asked to solve a problem they step up to the plate and more often than not, hit a home run.
As of this writing the New York District has brought in 262 new members. However the district is only a plus 106 in membership, that's a problem.
The Formula is an opportunity for Kiwanians to shape the future of their clubs and the service that impacts their communities. By shaping the future we mean new members and new clubs so Kiwanis can sustain all of the needs in our communities. I believe thus far we have been doing a great job at bringing in new members this year; we need to keep that pace going based on the above shared numbers. We need to open new clubs in new communities; we have yet to do that this year.
We are asking all Kiwanians for help with membership, it is our number one issue within Kiwanis. Step up to the plate and ask your friends, neighbors, business associates, politicians and community leaders. ONE new member from each of us will be the home run we need.
I would like to announce that the NYD Kiwanian who sponsors the most new members from Dec. 1, 2016, through July 31, 2017, will win registration, meals and a room for the district convention in Lake Placid this summer.
At the Mid-Year Conference in February there will be several opportunities to be educated on membership. Kiwanis International President-Elect Jim Rochford will be in attendance with several rising stars in the Kiwanis membership world and will have an extended forum on membership recruitment and club opening. Training will be available for new club openers and club counselors. If your club feels it is in need of assistance, please feel free to contact the club counselor, lieutenant governor or the Formula district chair.
Immediately following Mid-year International President-Elect Jim and his team will be hitting the streets for three days with the intent of opening some new clubs here in the New York district, locations to be announced.
Lastly I would I like to welcome Tricia Hook as our membership chair and thank her for all of the wonderful work she has been doing in sending out certificates and "thank yous" to each of our new members and sponsors this year.
I hope to see each of you in February at Mid-Year.

Column Posted on Web Site February 4, 2017

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