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By Joel Harris


What's in a brand?
When you see the Golden Arches do you immediately get hungry, crave a Big Mac and fries? Do you get thirsty for coffee or a soft drink when you see the Starbucks or Coca Cola logo? That's the power of the brand – enforced by the logo. These iconic symbols have been around for a while and we have been trained to see the steaming cup of coffee, soft drink on ice, or burger and fries.
Now, what happens when you see the Kiwanis logo? Do you envision kids smiling, a mother getting a tetanus shot, children on the playground, or even a room filled with people at a pancake breakfast? Kiwanis is about children and we want our audience to attach the "K" with the smiling children or kids just being kids.
Kiwanis International has embarked on a mission to firmly attach these images to our logo which has been streamlined and modernized. The ”bird cage” or globe around the K is gone, leaving the K in the circle that has been the foundation of the Kiwanis logo for many years. Many clubs, divisions and districts that have taken the Kiwanis logo and "tweaked it" into something that it's not, adding backgrounds or other words. This is the preferred trademarked logo for all in Kiwanis to use.
Trademarks should never be altered. This new information should be used as issued by Kiwanis International so every club, division or district uses the same images, and the visual recognition will build. Along with this KI has developed and keeps developing new tools for us to use, pictures, backgrounds and colors so people all over the world will see the images of Kiwanis.
If you go to Kiwanis.org/brand, you can download logos, pictures and read through the new brand book which will give you information on how to use this information, how to talk or write about Kiwanis and tips on working with local vendors. Your club can also get a free logo by completing the online form. The process takes a couple of weeks, from first proof to receiving a folder of all files your club will need. To access the service, go to www.kiwanis-ny.org/logos.htm.
I am here to help you with any questions revolving around the use of our trademarked brand symbols. With the help of all the trained Public Relations Coordinators throughout the Kiwanis world and the team at international, we want to make the transition to this standardized logo and accompanying fonts, colors, backgrounds, etc., simple for you to use. You should feel free to contact me with your questions (and comments.) The more feedback we get from our members, the easier we can make this process.

Column Posted on Web Site February 4, 2017

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