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By David Morse


Kiwanians believe we can improve the world. I know I do. I also know that when you realize that every new member of Kiwanis touches the lives of approximately 200 children a year, you start to understand the importance of bringing our message and mission to more people in our communities.

Fact: the NY District has built 15 clubs in the last three years of the Formula, making the district number five for growth out of the 30 North American districts. We need to continue this effort and bring Kiwanis to more individuals than ever before.

The Formula team has partnered with Gov. Steve Sirgiovanni to promote new membership, open new clubs and assist any clubs in need. Our wish is each New York District member invites and follows through with ONE new Kiwanis member this year. ONE! I believe I can bring in ONE new member. I believe you can too.

I am honored to have been asked to chair the Formula for the district through Sept. 30, 2018. The position is a wonderful opportunity and challenge worth taking. I say challenge because it is no secret that the district needs new members. New membership will be easy problem to solve. If each New York District Kiwanian brings in ONE new member this year, we will double the our membership, problem solved!

Over the next few weeks you will notice restructuring of The Formula team. We will also offer training at the Mid-Year Conference and the district convention for New Club Openers and Club Counselors. DPG Joe Eppolito will continue as the New Club Opener vice-chair.

Kiwanis International has implemented a new incentive program called Kick Start. Every time you sponsor a new member to a new or existing club between Sept. 25 and Nov. 30, you receive an entry for a drawing to win two round-trip airfare tickets! Your entries will be recorded through the club secretary dashboard (if the new member joins an existing club) or through the club opening tool (if the new member joins a new club). The more members you bring in the more chances you will have to win tickets. Other incentives are being considered and will be shared with you when it is available.

In closing I would like to thank DPG Joe Aiello for his commitment and work as Formula Chair the past three years.
Do you believe you can change the world?

Do you believe you can bring in ONE new member?

I Believe!

Column Posted on Web Site October 22, 2016

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