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By Forbes Irvine


It is hard to believe that the 2015-16 administrative year has come to a close.

Helene and I are humbled by the generosity and hospitality bestowed upon us this year. It was truly a journey of inspiring memories and inspiration that each and every member of this great District is a part of. The 2015-16 year was led by the "The Best Class of Lt. Governors Ever" and looking back it seems impossible that 18 months have passed since we met in Utica for our training weekend.

I will always remember the look on their faces after hours of training when Helene and I asked our board to do a few things. First, we asked our board to have a couple of "conversations" in their divisions, their clubs, their presidents and, most importantly, with you -- to talk about and to get out into the communities you serve so well -- to get student athletes' hearts screened, and thanks to Long Island North Lt. Gov. Jeanne Egan we got hundreds of students checked. We asked you to talk about prescription pills and heroin. Thanks to the Massapequa Club, the New York District is in the forefront of this scourge on society and our kids. We asked you to get involved in bullying because no child should go to school afraid or intimidated. Under the leadership of Keith Cummings, children throughout this district are becoming upstanders and not bystanders. Please schedule Keith to come to your division or club. Our children are depending on you. This year, you didn't just change lives. You saved lives!

We asked you to get "back to basics"; to emphasize service and support our foundations, KTPC, Pediatric Lyme, Emergency Disaster Relief and Kamp Kiwanis -- and you -- each of you -- responded in an overwhelming positive fashion. Our foundations are flourishing and able to provide the much needed assistance that is the core of their mission. That is a direct reflection on one person -- YOU -- on behalf of our Foundations - THANK YOU. Please continue to support them.

Finally, we asked you to have baby showers for your local hospital or organization that supports mother-baby and did you ever. Helene and I are overwhelmed by the reception to the First Lady's Project throughout this district and throughout Kiwanis International. Helene thought that a few hundred babies would go home with something rather than nothing. In reality, thousands of babies have benefitted from "Warm Beginnings". Again, a direct result of your generosity, enthusiasm and dedication. Please accept a heartfelt thank you on behalf of these mothers and babies.

Lastly, we asked that you support our Sponsored Leadership Programs and your response was outstanding. Our Key Club and Circle K are robust and our K-Kids, Builders Club and Aktion Clubs are being revived and new clubs are starting throughout the District. None of this would be possible without YOU because without YOU there is no US and without US that child would not be served.

So from our family to the entire Kiwanis family Thank You. It was an honor to serve along side of you this year. We look forward to seeing you all and remember "helping a child may not change the world, but helping that child changes their world".

We are forever grateful.


Column Posted on Web Site October 22, 2016

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