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Key Leader Program

Key Leader provides both a classroom component and hands-on outdoor workshops which reinforces the classroom teachings for students aged 14-18. Students learn integral life skills focused on Integrity, Community Building, Pursuit of Excellence, Personal Growth and Respect.

The program allows participants to take stock of their values and encourages them to think outside their comfort zone.

Key Leader also needs fun-loving adults who like to work with young people and watch them blossom. Limited slots are open for both men and women to chaperone. The students truly make an amazing transformation from Friday to Sunday.

There will be no Key Leader event in the New York District in 2018.

Visit www.key-leader.org for more information.

District Key Leader Committee
• Key Leader  Ann Holevinski
6992 Coy Road
Livonia, NY 14487
(H) 585-346-5515
E-Mail:  annholevinski@hotmail.com
Home Club: Livonia
District Leader