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Gerald P. Christiano Distinguished Service Award
Past Winners

2002 - Steve Eiseman
2003 - John Keegan
2004 - Sal Matroniano
2005 - Mike Malark
2007 - Gus Marano
2008 - Ernie Smith
2009 - Mickey Leamey
2010 - Edward Sexton
2011 - C. Edgar Flynn
2013 - Michael Siniski
2014 - Don Bach
2016 - John Vogel
2017 - Sister Anne-Marie Kirmse

Every New York District Kiwanian has the opportunity to recognize and honor an "unsung hero," grass roots Kiwanian with the District's highest Distinguished Service Award.

If you know of a Kiwanian who works tirelessly and continuously to help your club improve the lifestyle of disadvantaged citizens in your community and is seldom or never recognized for his or her efforts, you can reward them by nominating them for this prestigious Distinguished Service Award.

The New York District Past Governors Council encourages all New York District Kiwanians to submit recommendations for nominees to receive the Gerald P. Christiano Distinguished Service Award sponsored by The New York District Past Governors Council.

The award is intended for the "grass roots Kiwanian," often overlooked for their continuous dedication, untiring efforts and commitment to the betterment of people in their community who are less fortunate than themselves.

The award may be presented to only one Kiwanian each year at the annual New York District Kiwanis Convention. The Honoree should be a living New York District Kiwanis member in good standing, who has "exhibited outstanding meritorious service to individuals in the community and has contributed in an extraordinary manner over a significant period of years to the advancement of Kiwanis."

Governor-elects, sitting Governors and Past Governors are not be eligible to be nominated for or receive this award.

Award presentation and expenditures will be financed by the Council only, and cannot be purchased by any club or individual.

Distict Kiwanians can propose an award nominee to any Past Governor. Past Governors must submit a nominaton in writing to the current Council Chairman not later than January 1 of each year. The Council Chairman shall mail a copy of submitted proposals to Council members not later than February 1 each year.

Approval of each award recipient shall be by a two-thirds majority vote, by closed ballot of all Council members present at the Mid-Year Conference Council Meeting each year. If no candidate receives two-thirds support, no award will be given that year.