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Club Self Analysis Questionnaire

The accompanying questionnaire was developed as a tool to aid you in analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of your club. Remember, there is no pass or fail criteria and how well your club does or does not meet an element is based on your own membership's opinion. Also, keep in mind that these work sheets will be used and seen only by members of your club.

We would like you to print these documents and ask your Board of Directors to use this questionnaire to identify the manner in which your club carries out the Kiwanis Program. Just check either a YES or NO in answer to each question. Then total the columns in each category. Finally, total the YES and NO columns for all categories.

After you have totaled the columns, examine how many times you have answered NO. You may have a very happy, healthy, and well functioning club and still have answered NO to the majority of the questions. However, if you have answered NO predominately throughout the questionnaire or in one particular category, perhaps it is a clue to what is affecting the quality of your club's overall program or the reason your club is struggling to gain or retain members or is not carrying out meaningful programs in your community. Even if you answered YES to most of the questions, perhaps adopting some of the items in those areas where you have answered NO would contribute greatly to your club's well being and bring your club back to the Kiwanis baseline.

If your club would like a program or assistance in any of the general categories addressed by the questionnaire, contact your Lt. Governor. Your Division probably has a number of chairpersons and advisors who are willing to lend a hand.

1. Is our club at charter strength? (25 or more members)YN
2. Is there an adequate active membership compared to five years ago?  
    a. Has the total number of members increased?  
    b. Has the percentage of Active members increased?  
    c. Has the number of members who never attend or attend infrequently decreased?  
    d. Are there five or more new members?  
    e. Has the average age of membership decreased?  
    f. Are there two or more new member sunder 40 years of age?  
3. Do we have a membership chairperson?  
4. Do we have an established and organized recruiting and retention plan?  
B. Do we hold good meetings?YN
1. Do we follow any written agenda?  
2. Do we follow the prescribed Kiwanis meeting agenda?  
    a. Do we say The Pledge of Allegiance?  
    b. Do we sing a patriotic song?  
    c. Do we have an opening prayer?  
3. Is attendance at regular meetings good? (Over 60% of membership)  
4. Does our president maintain good control? (Opinion)  
5. Do we start and end on time?  
6. Are there frequent and interesting programs? (Two or more each month)  
7. Do we have scheduled social gatherings which include members, spouses, the whole family?  
8. Do we follow the prescribed agenda for Board of Director meetings.  
9. Do club members other than the Board members attend board meetings?  
C. Is our meeting place and time appropriate?YN
1. Is it large enough for growth.  
2. Is it isolated from outside noise and other outside disturbances?  
3. Are good and inexpensive meals available?  
4. Does the establishment provide an area for storing meeting materials.  
5. Is the meeting day and time appropriate? (Consider whether the club would gain in either membership or meeting attendance you met at a different day or time.)  
D. Are we a good team?YN
1. Do we have assigned committee chairpersons?  
2. Did our club president provide training and distribute the resource materials provided by Kiwanis International at the start of the year?  
3. Is there distributed responsibilities among appointed chairpersons?  
4. Do we have good project leadership? (Chairperson delegates and oversees tasks)  
5. Is there good membership participation in most or all of our projects? (75% or more)  
6. Do we quickly engage new members in our projects?  
7. Do we keep good track of our members and their families and contact them when they are absent or ill?  
8. Does each member have an updated roster including phone numbers of the membership?  
E. How are our projects?YN
1. Do we have good community projects and are they meaningful in terms of:  
    a. Are the number of persons who benefit appropriate?  
    b. Is the cost to the club in terms of manpower or finances worth it?  
    c. Is the long-term effect appropriate?  
    d. Do they really meet Community needs?  
    e. Do they address Kiwanis objectives?  
    f. Membership participation? (75%)  
2. Have we introduced five or more new projects in the last five years?  
3. Do members have a published annual calendar of club events?  
F. What do we do for fund raising?YN
1. Our fund raising activities provide sufficient income for all the projects we would like to do?  
2. More than 75% of our members participate?  
G. How well are we promoting Kiwanis?YN
1. Do we have a club newsletter?  
2. Do we get news coverage for our projects and other club activities?  
3. Do we submit articles to the ESK?  
4. Do all our members wear K pins?  
5. Do members display car decals?  
6. Do we have a Kiwanis sign at the town line or Club's meeting place?  
H. How well are we making an effort towards further Kiwanis education?YN
1. Do our officers attend training sessions?  
2. Do our officers attend divisionals?  
3. Do our members attend conventions?  
4. Do we go inter clubbing?  
5. What was the last time our club completed a Round Robin?  
6. Do we include a Kiwanis Education segment in our newsletters and meetings?  
7. Do we have printed information about our club and Kiwanis and provide it to new members?  
I. How engaged is our club in support to youth?YN
1. Do we sponsor and participate with a K-Family Club?  
    a. Builder's Club?  
    b. Key Club?  
    c. Circle K Club?  
2. Do we regularly invite the sponsored youth club to our meetings?  
3. Do our members regularly attend their meetings?  
4. Do we participate with our sponsored youth group in each other's projects?  
5. Do we foster projects in our schools which enhance youth development?  
J. About our meetings:YN
1. Do committees report at meetings?  
2. Do we properly introduce guest speakers and visitors?  
3. Do we recognize our speaker with a certificate or other token of appreciation?  
4. Are we satisfied with how the meetings are being run?  
5. Do we use a phone committee to insure maximum turnout for club projects?  
K. About our care taking of members:YN
1. Are all members made aware of Board of Director Actions?  
2. When a new member joins do we give them a formal introduction?  
3. Are prospective members properly oriented as to what Kiwanis is all about and what our club does?  
    a. Is the sponsor assigned responsibility for an extended period to insure new member attends meetings regularly and participates in club projects?  
    b. Does the sponsor introduce the new member to all other members more than once?  
4. Does our club acknowledge a member's birthday or anniversary?  
5. Does our club celebrate the Kiwanis Anniversary?  
Totals for all Categories