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RSS News Feed on Kiwanis Activities

If you'd like, you can subscribe to an RSS news feed which provides updates on additions to this web site, which include information on upcoming events and other information useful to all Kiwanians in the district.

rss feed New York Kiwanis RSS News Feed.

Generally recognized as standing for Really Simple Syndication, RSS is an easy way to get updates from a variety of web sites without having to visit the site and examine them to see if any new information has been posted.

The RSS feed for this web site includes information on new items which have been added to the site, such as updated schedules, information on an upcoming event or alerts from the District office. The RSS feed allows people who are interested in the developments to get that information without having to visit the site and look to see if there is anything new. The information displayed includes links directly to the web site where more information on the subject can be found.

To use RSS, you need a program called a News Reader. Some web browsers give you the option of linking to RSS feeds so you can quickly go to the information when you desire. You also can use what is called an RSS aggregator to collect the feeds from many web sites into one place. There are two basic types of aggregators; web-based accessed using a browser, or an application which is installed on your computer.

After installing a News Reader program or signing up for an online news feed service, you need to subscribe to the news feeds you want to receive. To subscribe to this web site's news feed, all you should need to do is to type the web page address into the "add new subscription" function in the reader. The reader will then check the site and find the link to the site's news feed. Optionally you also could find the RSS icon on the main page, right-click on the icon and choose to copy the address which then can be pasted into the RSS program.

If you'd like to try out News Feeds without installing an application on your computer, you can use an online news reader. See the list of providers below; you will need to have an account with the provider to create your subscriptions.

Using a web-based News Reader means you can log on to your news feeds from any computer connected to the Internet.

Here are some News Reader programs you could use (This list is far from comprehensive but will help you get started):


Mac OS X: