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The Bronx Westchester South Division had a major success Jan. 23 with the Interfaith Breakfast at Dunwoodie Country Club at which 75 boxes were packed to be sent to troops in Kuwait.
More than 65 family K members had a terrific breakfast, participated in an inspirational candle lighting service, voiced personal prayers for military families, composed personal letters to the soldiers in Kuwait, and assembled and packed the boxes with books, supplies, note cards, CDs, DVD's and goodies. Key clubbers and Circle Kers were instrumental in shifting them about the room after they were packed.
Many of them did a reading or recited a prayer as part of the interfaith service. Key Club Lt. Governor James Florakis and Circle K Gov. Rickie Santer attended and actively participated.
International Vice President Thomas DeJulio returned earlier than expected from Indianapolis where he was attending a meeting with next year's District Governors and Service Leadership Administrators, including those from the New York District, and was able to join the event.
At the breakfast, 75 boxes were picked up by two ambulances from Warren Golden's City Service and were taken to Warren's business for postal pickup the following day. Club donations took care of the postage.
The event was covered by News Channel 12 Cablevison. Co-chair and Past Lt. Governor Palma Volino was interviewed, and other camera shots were filmed about the room as packages were put together

(Posted January 23, 2011)


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