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100th Annual New York District Convention
Aug. 24-27, 2017, Lake Placid

The New York District Convention will be Aug. 24-27 in Lake Placid.

The convention will offer educational opportunities, fellowship, recognition, and the annual meetings for both the District Foundation and the District.

The District Foundation meeting will include reports on activities and elections. All New York District Kiwanians in good standing are eligible to vote.

Online registration is now closed. On-site registration will be available.

Guidebook: (Added Aug. 19)

An online live schedule for the convention is available through the Guidebook App which runs on smart phones, and can be accessed from a web browser as well. The app will give us the ability to notify attendees of room changes or other adjustments during the convention itself, as well as be a handy reference during the convention.

In addition to providing a listing of all convention events, the app gives you the ability to create your own schedule, selecting the forums and other events you plan to attend.

The Guidebook also can be viewed by any device with web access.

For more information:

Basket Raffle:

Once again we are having a Basket Raffle Fundraiser at the District Convention in Lake Placid.

This year, Governor Steve, on behalf of the District, will be donating the money raised to Juvenile Diabetes and Autism causes as part of his Governor's Project.

You are encouraged to bring a creative basket to the Convention. Be creative and have fun!

Please contact Chairpeople Rebecca and Herman Ovadia to let them know you are bringing a basket, (516) 432-5690 or woodsidekiwanis@gmail.com.

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