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Builders Club is the largest service organization for middle school and junior high students (ages 12-14) in the world. Currently there are more than 40,000 members world wide.

The first Builders Club was chartered in 1975. Today there are more than 2,000 clubs in Asia, Australia, the Caribbean, Canada, Europe, the Philippines, the Pacific and the United States. New York has members in 65 Builders Clubs, sponsored by 54 Kiwanis Clubs. This age group (12-14) is perfect for the Kiwanis Family. First, the young people are too young for jobs, too young to drive, they have time to help their community, they think they are adults, only "No one will let me prove it!" WE in KIWANIS will let them prove they are able to behave like adults through Builders Clubs. Builders Clubs are "student-led" organizations that teach hands on leadership skills through service to others. Give these kids a chance and they will outshine adults every time. This age knows no limits. They think in terms of what they can do, not what they can not do.

Builders Clubs are structured only on the local club level; there is no formal district (Governor, Lt. Governors, etc.) or international (President, Trustees, etc.) structure. However, the Kiwanis International Office provides programs, literature, opportunities and assistance to these clubs, their faculty advisors and their Kiwanis advisors.

Members are given the opportunity to compete in oratorical, essay, scrapbook, achievement and leadership development activities and contests for local, state and International recognition and awards.

A Builders Club member is a member of the Kiwanis Family. It is only natural for someone with a positive experience at the Middle School level, to want to continue on as a Key Club member, Circle K member and Kiwanian. DO NOT DROP THE BALL with these kids. IF you have a Builders Club, spread the word to clubs that do not! Make sure your Kiwanis Club is actively involved with your Builders Club and vise versa. Builders Club members can provide needed hands for your Kiwanis projects too.

The start up costs to charter a Builders Club is $400 (or $600 to get additional materials), and must be paid by the sponsoring Kiwanis Club at the time of charter. This fee provides the members first year dues, membership pins, membership cards, handbooks, certificates, a club banner, gong and gavel. It also affords an opportunity for members to develop self esteem, character, life long friendships, values and involvement in their community. Yearly dues for the Builders Club after the charter year, is a flat fee of $180.

Information on Builders Clubs also is on the Kiwanis International web site.

For more information, answers to questions, help in getting started or help with your present Builders Club, contact:

District Leadership
• Builders Club Administrator  Mildred Mandese
7337 71st St
Glendale, NY 11385
(H) (646) 251-2929
E-Mail:  millielou55@nyc.rr.com
Home Club: Glendale
District Leader