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2007 Open House
2007 Kamp Kiwanis Open House
Administration Building Dedicated
Open House

The surprise on May 5 at the annual Kamp Kiwanis Open House was the dedication of the administration building to honor District Foundation President Orlando "Lindy" Marrazzo.

It was a surprise not only to the Kiwanians from around the district who attended the event, but also to Marrazzo, as other Foundation board members had succeeded in secretly getting his family to the Kamp so they would be present without him knowing it. Once they appeared, Marrazzo realized what was behind the cardboard welcome sign about to be taken down by Foundation Vice President Sal Anelli.

Marrazzo, the foundation board president for 10 years, had just finished conducting a series of dedications to others who had helped with facilities projects at the kamp.

At left is Marrazzo, wearing a sports jacket and tie, with his family following the ceremony. Above is Anelli reading the plaque after removing the sign that covered it. The plaque is shown below.

During the past few years the Administration Building has undergone extensive renovation as it was converted from use as the director's residence, the infirmary and the administration area into a facility dedicated to administrative functions.

In making the dedication, Anelli praised Marrazzo not only for his efforts on behalf of the kamp, but his ability to both get others behind the projects at the kamp and his willingness to support others who proposed development projects there.

2007 Open House

Bath House Renovated

2007 Open House

2007 Open House
2007 Open House

The major construction project at the Kamp during the past year, the renovation of the Upper Cabin Area Bath House, also was dedicated.

Shown above is the newly renovated bath house, a transformation from the dark, worn-out area that kampers used last year. Bright tiles and glass block walls that let in light make sure the area is attractive. Privacy walls, which had not arrived before the open house, will be installed before kamping season this year.

The project was so large that the two halves of the building were each dedicated. The left area was dedicated to honor the efforts of Past Gov. Robert Calabrese and New York State Sen. James Alesi, both members of the Penfield-Perinton Kiwanis Club, to raise money for the project, including Alesi's efforts in obtaining a state grant to assist the work. The right area was dedicated to the memory of Sonny and Carmela Battista, parents of Joseph Battista, who organized the volunteers who did the renovation.

Above Kiwanians are seen touring the renovated building. At the upper right, Calabrese and Marrazzo during the first dedication, and at lower right, Joseph Battista speaking after the dedication of that section.

The two plaques are shown below, as is another picture of the renovated space.
2007 Open House 2007 Open House

2007 Open House

Contributions Recognized

2007 Open House
2007 Open House

A plaque will be placed on an electrical system building at the kamp to commemorate the donations of the West Seneca Kiwanis Club through its annual Buffalo Bills Charity Football Game. Pictured above are Marrazzo (left) and Larry Jones, a member of the West Seneca club and the board of the District Foundation.

The plaque is shown at right.

More Commemorative Bricks Dedicated
2007 Open House

Above the Kiwanians present hear Marrazzo describe the additional bricks which have been inscribed as part of the kamp's Brick Program.

Work Projects Carried Out

Below are pictures of Kiwanians doing work at the kamp to help prepare for the summer.

2007 Open House

2007 Open House

2007 Open House