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2009-10 Achievement Awards

The following Club Achievement Awards for projects during the 2009-10 Administrative Year were announced at the Mid-Year Conference on Feb. 26, 2011.

The awards are made according to club size: Coral, clubs with fewer than 30 members; Emerald, 30-45 members; Ruby, 46 to 75 members, and Diamond, more than 75 members

Young Children Priority One
Coral WinnerNassau University Medical CenterLong Island South CentralReading Program and Easter Egg Hunt
Coral 1st Honorable MentionLivoniaGenesee 
Coral 2nd Honorable MentionTown Hall HempsteadLong Island South Central 
Emerald WinnerWest End BrooklynBrooklynRonald McDonald House
Emerald Honorable MentionCentral Adirondacks, Old ForgeCentral 
Emerald Honorable MentionWest HamptonSuffolk East 
Ruby WinnerSolvay-Geddes-CamillusOntarioJuvenile Diabetic Research Foundation Program
Ruby 1st Honorable MentionLaGuardia AirportQueens WestProject with Key Cub for Soldiers Serving Abroad
Ruby 2nd Honorable MentionSand LakeVan RensselaerThanksgiving Food Baskets
Diamond WinnerMiddletownHudson River WestHoliday Party
Diamond 1st Honorable MentionWebsterFinger Lakes 
Diamond 2nd Honorable MentionNorth Shore, Long IslandLong Island North 
Youth Services
Coral WinnerRouses Point-ChamplainAdirondackSponsored Youth Initiatives
Coral 1st Honorable MentionEast YonkersBronx Westchester South 
Coral 2nd Honorable MentionPainted PostChemung 
Emerald WinnerOgdensburgSaint LawrenceRead-a-Thon
Emerald Honorable MentionLakeshore RochesterFinger Lakes 
Emerald Honorable MentionUticaCentral 
Ruby WinnerTiconderogaAdirondackAnnual Easter Egg Hunt
Ruby Honorable MentionNewburghHudson River 
Ruby Winner MentionMinisink ValleyHudson River West 
Ruby Honorable MentionBataviaGeneseeThanksgiving Community Skate
Ruby Honorable MentionGarden CityLong Island South CentralGarden City High School
Diamond WinnerElmiraChemungDowntown Cleanup and Back Pack Program
Diamond 1st Honorable MentionNorth Shore, Long IslandLong Island North 
Diamond 2nd Honorable MentionGlendaleQueens West 
Public & Business Affairs
Coral WinnerWestfield-RipleySouthwesternGrocery Give Away
Coral 1st Honorable MentionNYC Young ProfessionalsMetropolitan 
Coral 2nd Honorable MentionClintonCentral 
Emerald WinnerHartsdaleBronx Westchester SouthHalloween Window Painting
Emerald Honorable MentionMarillaNiagara Frontier South 
Ruby WinnerNundaGeneseeSenior Citizens to Pancake House
Ruby Honorable MentionCounty Seat, MineolaLong Island North 
Ruby Honorable MentionRochester West CentralGenesee 
Diamond WinnerEast MeadowLong Island South Central19th Annual Pride Day
Diamond 1st Honorable MentionGlendaleQueens West 
Diamond 2nd Honorable MentionLewistonNiagara Frontier North 
Coral WinnerPlattsburgh BreakfastAdirondackCommunity Meal
Coral 1st Honorable MentionJoseph M. Wuest Morris ParkBronx Westchester South 
Coral 2nd Honorable MentionNassau University Medical CenterLong Island South Central 
Emerald WinnerHollisQueens EastSaving Our Earth
Emerald Honorable MentionHuntingtonSuffolk West 
Emerald Honorable MentionRochesterGenesee 
Ruby WinnerFordham, BronxBronx Westchester SouthSpecial Olympics
Ruby Honorable MentionMassapequaLong Island South Central 
Diamond WinnerGlens FallsMohawkTaste of the North Country
Diamond 1st Honorable MentionEast MeadowLong Island South Central 
Diamond 2nd Honorable MentionGlendaleQueens West 
International Relations
Coral WinnerNassau University Medical CenterLong Island South CentralService for Haiti
Coral 1st Honorable MentionKings Plaza - CanarsieBrooklynService for Haiti
Coral 2nd Honorable MentionUniondale UnitedLong Island South Central 
Emerald WinnerPenfield Perinton TownshipsFinger LakesProject Lithuania
Emerald Honorable MentionRomeCentral 
Emerald Honorable MentionLindenhurstSuffolk West 
Ruby WinnerBensonhurst & Bay RidgeBrooklynPio Andrea Furnare Project
Ruby Honorable MentionGeneseoGenesee 
Ruby Honorable MentionFordham, BronxBronx Westchester South 
Diamond WinnerWebsterFinger LakesAdopt a Platoon
Diamond Honorable MentionLewistonNiagara Frontier North 
Spiritual Aims
Coral WinnerGravesend BrooklynBrooklynSpecial Olympics and Veterans Affairs
Coral 1st Honorable MentionOzone ParkQueens West 
Coral 2nd Honorable MentionSpring ValleyHudson Tri-County 
Emerald WinnerLefferts-LibertyQueens WestMemorial Service for 911 Victims
Emerald Honorable MentionGreeceGenesee 
Emerald Honorable MentionHoward BeachQueens West 
Ruby WinnerGeneseoGeneseeSt. Michael's Episcopal Church Program
Ruby Honorable MentionCanandaiguaFinger LakesJoint Prayer Breakfast with Rotary Club
Diamond WinnerLewistonNiagara Frontier NorthBuilt a Ramp at a Local Church
Diamond 1st Honorable MentionNorth Shore, Long IslandLong Island North 
Diamond 2nd Honorable MentionMiddletownHudson River West